Podcast Episode 3 - Everyday Is Halloween

October 28, 2016

Inade To Those... Crackling Of The Anonymous Loki Foundation 2001
Luasa Raelon Strike The Hour Season Of The Witch Snip-Snip Records
Étant Donnés IV Aurore Touch 1990
Dave Phillips Geula Cats A Collection Of Hair Heart & Crossbone 2013
Where Chased And Hunted Down By Rats Wererat Eibon Records 2006
Megaptera Don't Desecrate The Dead The Curse Of The Scarecrow Release Entertainment 1998
Necromondo Standard Post-Mortem Re-Animation Procedure Necromondo Mechanoise Labs 2007
Tombstone The Terror Garden Gothic Land Death Factory 1995
Neuntöter Der Plage Eyes To The Devil Internal Abbatoir Snip-Snip Records
Naked Intruder My Crotch looks Like A Crime Scene Iteration III Mile 329 2004
Dave Phillips The Possibility Of Life's Destruction A Collection Of Hair Heart & Crossbone 2013
Batchas Mugelthor Yzxe Tahafut-Ul-Tahafut Scrotum Production 1993
Endura Nu Silence Rite Elder Signs Red Stream
Urna Arhe Missadquumdahle Abgurd Subdivision 2005
Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar Märgelgrop Hålrum Scratch And Sniff Entertainment 2005
Shinkiro Way Of The Gods II Way Of The Gods Athanor 2008
Atom Infant Incubator The Jewelcase Quantum Leaps Lost Soundtracks Slaughter Productions 1998
Yen Pox Blood From the Heavens New Dark Age Malignant Records 2000
The Caretaker We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow V/Vm Test Records 2003
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