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Stelladrine - Ancient Mechanical Grace

Stelladrine - Ancient Mechanical Grace

Erratic mental states as patterns of spiritual revelation. Drunken hovercab rides home at 2 AM. Sentimental collapse on an Alphane Moon. Goodbye messages recorded during failed atmospheric re-entry. Stelladrine's new album goes to what the project owes its very name to, Philip K. Dick's "Our Friends from Frolix 8", and stacks a selection of the author's bibliography on top of it as primordial fuel for these 12 tracks.

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Release date: August 05, 2012
Format: digital, mp3/FLAC release
Flatline Skyline - All Sound / No Vision

Flatline Skyline - All Sound / No Vision

The second album from Jacen Kemp and Robert Andrew Scott stands as a stylistic counter-statement to 2005's "Horizon Grid." Fierce, emotionally driven and abrasively textured, "All Sound / No Vision" confirms Flatline Skyline's masterful sense of tension and release and melodic sensibility while further evolving their sound beyond any previous expectation.

Release date: April 16, 2009
Format: CD, digisleeve with 12-page booklet, 500 copies