Cataclyst - Monuments Of A Rubicund Age
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Cataclyst - Monuments Of A Rubicund Age CD (Zhelezobeton / Tantric Harmonies)

Label info: "A strange project that for a moment united Peter Andersson (raison d'Etre) and Johanna Rosenqvist (ex-Institut, Koeff) in the distant 1992. Cataclyst's music combines the melancholic beauty of early Raison D'Etre and Necrophorus, the harsh industrial rhythms of Institut and tribal-elements of another undeservingly forgotten project of Peter - Svasti-Ayanam... What makes this product differ from other works of the Swedish industrial scene is the atmosphere of remote fairy worlds in which you smoothly sink into while listening to "Monuments of a Rubicund Age". Peter and Johanna have woven an infinite labyrinth of mirages, walking through which will be a pleasant surprise for both the fans of ambient / experimental / industrial and more conservative gothic lovers."

Format: CD, oversized sleeve