Tapio Kotkavuori - Terra Hyperborea
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Tapio Kotkavuori - Terra Hyperborea CD (Gemina Stella)

Label info: "Musically the artist himself describes Terra Hyperborea as "post-apocalyptic dark-ethno-ambient". Its semi-organic, semi-electric soundspheres are trance-inducing, almost hypnotic, varying from soft mood adjustments to more focused incantations and chants. Kotkavuori's main weapon of choice in this battle against silence is the didgeridoo, but tons of other instruments - such as vocals, rainsticks, shaman drums, coffee maker, synthesizers, kitchen knives etc. - have been used as well. All in all, these recordings create a shamanistic ambiance with a dark twist characteristic to the Left Hand Path."

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Genres: dark ambient