T.A.U. - La Splendeur Géométrique / Urbanomania
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T.A.U. - La Splendeur Géométrique / Urbanomania CD-R (ALF Produkt)

T.A.U. (Trans Aero Urbanizacija) is primarily known as a collaboration between Alexander Lebedev-Frontov and Kirill Rozhkov, but the latter's absence on this new release makes room for Igor Potsukailo of Bardoseneticcube, who steps in for all editing, processing and mixing tasks using sound sources provided by Lebedev-Frontov. The end result is a remarkable synthesis of their individual traits, Bardoseneticcube's surrealist strain twisting the metallic factory noises of Linija Mass into a vortex of steel and welding sparks.
Due to the hand-made nature of the sculpted packaging this is limited to 30 copies, of which there are only a few in stock.

Format: CD-R, CD-R in painted and sculpted jewel case