Grim - The Past Is Still In Current Use
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Grim - The Past Is Still In Current Use CD (Drag & Drop Industrial)

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Grim is the project led by Jun Konagaya, co-founder of the early cult industrial duo White Hospital with Tomo Kuwahara, who went on to form the ritual ambient project Vasilisk. This compilation conveniently assembles all past Grim releases (Amaterasu 7", Folk Music LP and Message mLP) along with a track released as Howling of Himalaya on UPD's "Constructive Music 1990". The first two releases are great examples of early 80's industrial, with the perfect dosage of metal percussions, squalid electronics and shouted vocals. The "Message" mLP material takes a drastically different turn for eerie and clinically altered folk music. Required listening.

Format: CD, jewel case