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Nick Soudnick - Tauromakhia
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Nick Soudnick - Tauromakhia CD

Part of the series of music composed for the Akhe theatre, this specific volume having been used for the "Sine Loco" performance. Recorded and mixed at ZGA studios in... (continued)

Label: Chimaera
Format: CD, oversized sleeve
Nick Soudnick - Pas de Trois

Nick Soudnick - Pas de Trois CD

2008 release from Nick Soudnick, also known for his activities as ZGA and as one half of Vetrophonia. "Pas de Trois" was recorded during multiple live performances... (continued)

Label: Ultra
Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Nick Soudnick - Akhe Music Vol. 5 Faust ³

Nick Soudnick - Akhe Music Vol. 5 Faust ³ CD

Produced as the soundtrack for the theatre performance of "Faust³" by Akhe, this work by Nick Soundnick seems him welding the industrial clamor of Vetrophonia... (continued)

Label: Ultra
Format: CD, multi-paneled sleeve with extensive booklet in Russian and English