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Corazzata Valdemone - Stornellando In Grigioverde

Corazzata Valdemone - Stornellando In Grigioverde CD

2015 album released by the Roman label Wolf Age. Unified industrial that flawlessly combines militant neofolk ("Death to Scum"), digital age marching... (continued)

Label: Wolf Age
Format: CD, digipak
Vivenza - Réalités Servomécaniques
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Vivenza - Réalités Servomécaniques CD

Remastered 2015 deluxe book edition re-release of the seminal 1985 LP by this project from Grenoble, France. Forget "industrial" and whatever exhausted imagery it... (continued)

Label: Rotorelief
Format: CD, Deluxe CD Book, 32 pages, pictures & texts in three languages (French, English & Japanese)
Genres: futurism
Vetrophonia - Kurutta Ippeiji (A Page Of Madness)

Vetrophonia - Kurutta Ippeiji (A Page Of Madness) DVD

Rerelease of the 1926 film "Kurutta Ippeiji" directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa, with a new soundtrack performed by Vetrophonia in 2012

"Kurutta... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: DVD, mini-vinyl sleeve, limited to 300 copies
Genres: futurism
Corazzata Valdemone - Avanguardia Rumorista

Corazzata Valdemone - Avanguardia Rumorista CD

Corazzata Valdemone is an Italian project inspired by WW1, Futurism and the aesthetics of totalitarian movements. While that hardly sounds original for the martial... (continued)

Label: Ufa Muzak
Format: CD, digipak
Linija Mass - Proletkult
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Linija Mass - Proletkult CD

CD re-issue of the essential 2001 LP on Membrum Debil Propaganda that first brought Linija Mass to an audience outside of Russia. The sound of Soviet toil and industry, and one of the... (continued)

Label: Der Angriff
Format: CD
Linija Mass - Mechano-Faktura

Linija Mass - Mechano-Faktura CD

Originally released as a CD-R on Ultra in 1999, comes with a bonus track that originally appeared on the Genus Ferrum 7" on Membrum Debile Propaganda.

Label: Der Angriff
Format: CD
Vetrophonia - Simultannostb

Vetrophonia - Simultannostb CD

CD re-release of the early 1999 "Risveglio Di Una Citta / Futurogrammatika" tape with two extra tracks recorded in 2003. Urban din and mechanical cacophony forged into... (continued)

Label: Ultra
Format: CD, oversized poster sleeve
Vetrophonia / F.T. Marinetti / F.B. Pratella - Formula Of War

Vetrophonia / F.T. Marinetti / F.B. Pratella - Formula Of War CD

New 2011 release from the duo of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt) and Nick Sudnick (ZGA). Gramophone industrial sound collages... (continued)

Format: CD, oversized sleeve with 5 postcards
Stalnoy Pakt - Russia's Awakening
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Stalnoy Pakt - Russia's Awakening CD

First full-length CD from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov's other main project. While Linija Mass takes its aesthetic inspirations from Futurism and Soviet socialist realism,... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: CD, oversized sleeve with silver-inked artwork
Linija Mass - Industrealism

Linija Mass - Industrealism 3"CD

Mini-album composed of two tracks from 2001 and one from 2007. This is some of the most rhythmical and loop-based material released by Linija Mass, mechanical grinding and the... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: 3"CD, oversized sleeve