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Vladimir Hirsch - Scripta Soli
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Vladimir Hirsch - Scripta Soli CD

Monumental new work by this Czech composer known in the post-industrial field for his involvement in Skrol, Aghiatrias and of course his releases under his own name on Ars... (continued)

Label: Old Captain
Format: CD, digipak, limited to 300 copies
Vestigial - Solar / Aeon
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Vestigial - Solar / Aeon CD

Label info: "In collaboration with Canada’s Cyclic Law label, we present a special re-issue of VESTIGIAL’s two first EP’s, “Solar” and “Aeon”. The Italian project points to a... (continued)

Format: CD, matte laminated A5 digipak
Cisfinitum - Landschaft
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Cisfinitum - Landschaft CD

Label info: "Cisfinitum is a post-industrial project from Moscow, Russia. It was started in the late 1990s by a composer and musician Eugene Voronovsky and has drawn significant... (continued)

Label: Old Captain
Format: CD, digipak, 300 copies
First Human Ferro - Heterodox
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First Human Ferro - Heterodox CD

Introspective and well executed cosmic drift / cinematic dark ambient from Olegh Kolyada, head of the Old Captain label, known for its high quality re-issues of out of print... (continued)

Label: Old Captain
Format: CD, digipak, limited to 200 copies
Cisfinitum - Industriewerke 2002-2012
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Cisfinitum - Industriewerke 2002-2012 CD

Label info: "Cisfinitum’s industrial works, compiled for the 1st time on one album, cover a period of 10 years and range from death industrial tracks to rhythmic... (continued)

Label: Old Captain
Format: CD, digipak, 200 copies