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Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy
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Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy CD

Second full-length album of psychedelic drone ambient from this Russian project. Dense synthesized textures, uneasy melodies and natural field recordings give this a very organic... (continued)

Label: Muzyka Voln
Format: CD, 6-panel digipak
Iosophis - N
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Iosophis - N CD

Ascetic ritual / neo-folk project from France produced by Alexandre Gand (Le Syndicat Electronique, Invasion Planete). Sparse, minimal, repetitive, evocative, pure, and pleasantly disconnected... (continued)

Label: Totsoluna
Format: CD, digipak
Hermann Kopp - Zyanidanger
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Hermann Kopp - Zyanidanger CD

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, digipak with booklet
Reductio Ad Absurdum - Совмехкастрация

Reductio Ad Absurdum - Совмехкастрация CD

Re-release of a 1996 Ultra tape. Spastic and high-velocity junk noise from these Saint Petersburg deviants.

Label: Provoloka
Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Maeror Tri - Multiple Personality Disorder

Maeror Tri - Multiple Personality Disorder CD

Re-press of the first Maeror Tri CD album, released on Korm Plastics back in 1993. Drowsy drones and archaic atmospheres inspired by the four key basic characters... (continued)

Label: Purple Soil
Format: CD, multi-paneled digisleeve with postcard
Genres: drones
Sigillum Dei - I'll Keep You In An Oaken Box, With Velvet For Your Bed

Sigillum Dei - I'll Keep You In An Oaken Box, With Velvet For Your Bed 3"CD-R

21 min long track of deep drones and cavernous reverberation courtesy of one half of UK ritual noisemongers Wraiths.

Label: Silken Tofu
Format: 3"CD-R, mini-DVD case
Genres: drones
SantAAgostino - Operazione Paura

SantAAgostino - Operazione Paura CD

Based on the track titles and the involvement of former members of Onirot, I expected cavernous Italian death industrial which you can rarely go wrong with. What I got turned... (continued)

Label: Greytone
Format: CD, digipak
Phragments & Korinth - Mysteries Of The Greylands

Phragments & Korinth - Mysteries Of The Greylands CD

Label info: "On this album, Phragments and Korinth have united into one monolithic entity, to produce a common opus. Orchestral choirs, dark ambient and... (continued)

Label: Greytone
Format: CD, digipak
Genres: dark ambient
Ogni Videniy - Skvozь Temnotu
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Ogni Videniy - Skvozь Temnotu CD-R

From the Northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk comes this fine addition to the growing roster of modern day shamans of the Vetvei label. Crystal shards, eerie synth drones,... (continued)

Label: Vetvei
Format: CD-R, 6-panel cardboard sleeve
Anthesteria - Phobos 1953
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Anthesteria - Phobos 1953 CD

Label info: "The name of Anthesteria is already well-known to the connoisseurs of Russian post-industrial music. This project has released two solo CDs, a collaboration work with... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD, DVD-sized cardboard sleeve with inserts
Cyclotimia - TimeBank
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Cyclotimia - TimeBank CD

"Timebank" gathers assorted unreleased material recorded between 2003-2007 that went unused on the albums recorded during that period. Far from being leftovers, these 16 tracks... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Alexander Lebedev-Frontov - Chaos

Alexander Lebedev-Frontov - Chaos CD-R

Re-release of the earliest recordings from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov, made back in 1985-1986 before Linija Mass came to be and when St Petersburg was still known as Leningrad.... (continued)

Label: ALF Produkt
Format: CD-R, handmade cardboard sleeve with color insert
Genres: collagenoise