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Troum - Mare Morphosis
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Troum - Mare Morphosis CD

Third and final chapter of the "Power Romantic" trilogy (which also includes "Mare Idiophonika" and "Grote Mandrenke"), which has featured some of Troum... (continued)

Format: CD, 8-panel digipak
Vresnit - Tunvet
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Vresnit - Tunvet CD

New album by the head of the Vetvei label, known for its solid roster of shamanistic ambient releases. The 36-min track presented here delves into the same nocturnal and wooded atmospheres... (continued)

Label: Vegvisir
Format: CD, 6-sided digisleeve
Ad Lux Tenebrae - Зов Предков
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Ad Lux Tenebrae - Зов Предков CD

First revealed with an impressive CDR on Abgurd back in 2006 which was followed by a collaboration CD with fellow Russians Closing The Eternity, Ad Lux Tenebrae returns with this album that... (continued)

Label: Vegvisir
Format: CD, digisleeve
Astrowind - Kaidanovsky
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Astrowind - Kaidanovsky CD

The debut CD from this Latvian ambient project is a tribute to the Russian actor and film director Alexander Kaidanovsky, which you'll most likely know for his haunting performance... (continued)

Label: Greytone
Format: CD, digipak
Troum - Dreaming Muzak
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Troum - Dreaming Muzak CD-R

Label info: "dreaming muzak" was the first (and last) Troum cassette-release and came out on the Belgian label cling-film in October 1998 in an edition of 100 copies in a... (continued)

Label: Kokeshidisk
Format: CD-R, pro-printed, full color printed A5-sized cardboard cover
Contemplatron - Antarabhava / The Six Realms
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Contemplatron - Antarabhava / The Six Realms CD

Label info: "The Sanskrit word "Antarabhãva" means "the intermediate state" and in particular refers to the state between death and the... (continued)

Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Troum - AIWS
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Troum - AIWS CD

Label info: "AIWS is the first full length Troum album since many years, covering studio recordings from 2002-2005. Troum selected their favourite pieces from these years to be placed on this... (continued)

Format: CD, 6-panel digipak
Troum - Ryna
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Troum - Ryna CD

Re-issue of the 1998 debut album.

Format: CD, digipak
Cisfinitum - Nevmenosis
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Cisfinitum - Nevmenosis CD-R

A collection of tracks from recent compilation appearances ("Roulette Russe Pour Un Peu De Caviar", "Table For Six: All Quiet?", "Iznutri"), the split CD... (continued)

Label: Afe Records
Format: CD-R, pro-printed, oversized gatefold sleeve
Genres: ambient
Erik Ursich - Kanashii - Il Piacere Della Tristezza
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Erik Ursich - Kanashii - Il Piacere Della Tristezza LP

A debut release that is sure to please those into cold minimal electronics with a melancholic touch. The LP relies heavily on vintage synthesizers, giving the... (continued)

Label: Punch Records
Format: LP, grey vinyl, hand-numbered and limited to 300 copies
Matt Howden - Voyager
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Matt Howden - Voyager CD

Label info: "Twenty-one neo-classical tracks that follow the progress of the Voyager space probe from Jupiter, past Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and out to The Heliopause, the outermost... (continued)

Format: CD, digipak
Melanchoholics - A Single Act Of Carelessness
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Melanchoholics - A Single Act Of Carelessness CD

Label info: "Building on the experimentations from their debut CD (with a mix of field-recordings, guitars, electronically manipulated sounds and spoken word... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case