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Marc Behrens - Animistic [For Donatella]
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Marc Behrens - Animistic [For Donatella] CD

Artist info: "Animistic [for Donatella] was composed of several field recording arrays I had made in 1999 and earlier, integrating as well the sounds of some Tibetan... (continued)

Label: Auf Abwegen
Format: CD, DVD sized jewel box
Machinefabriek - Veldwerk
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Machinefabriek - Veldwerk CD

Delicate drones and intricately woven collages of drifting tones, soothing static and field recordings by Rutger Zuydervelt. Veldwerk includes tracks recorded in or inspired by... (continued)

Label: Cold Spring
Format: CD, digipak
Melanchoholics - A Single Act Of Carelessness
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Melanchoholics - A Single Act Of Carelessness CD

Label info: "Building on the experimentations from their debut CD (with a mix of field-recordings, guitars, electronically manipulated sounds and spoken word... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case