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Maaaa - Sampo Distortion

Maaaa - Sampo Distortion CD

Crushing junk noise with analog synth throbs from this exiled Karelian unit currently based in Poland. Expect random outbursts of lo-fi thrash metal, howling dogs, laser cannon salvos... (continued)

Label: 24919 Records
Format: CD, digipak
Genres: harsh noise
Novasak - Ignominy
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Novasak - Ignominy CD-R

Strained and sputtering electronic noise from Colorado, USA. Delivered with a satisfying low-end crunch and some metal clanging thrown in the mix.

Format: CD-R, handmade foil paper sleeve
Genres: harsh noise
Government Alpha - Reconstruction of Ruins (Government Alpha Remixed)
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Government Alpha - Reconstruction of Ruins (Government Alpha Remixed) CD-R

Compilation of Government Alpha tracks remixed by Satanicpornocultshop, Contagious Orgasm, MOON, Kouhei, Lasse Marhaug, Akamatsu Masayuki,... (continued)

Label: Alienation
Format: CD-R, slim case
Genres: harsh noise
Thirdorgan - Lalahmania
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Thirdorgan - Lalahmania CD-R

Harsh noise from Japan's Thirdorgan. Although the titles seem to be inspired by pulp sci-fi movies ("The Incredible Melting Man"), this is unmoderated cut-up noise à la ... (continued)

Label: Alienation
Format: CD-R, paper sleeve
Genres: harsh noise
D.N.D - Slaves Build in Series
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D.N.D - Slaves Build in Series CD-R

From slow mind-numbing noise to full-speed blurred beats, D.N.D's sound is often close to some of the Japanese noise acts such as K2 and Masonna, but with less use of cut-ups.... (continued)

Label: Spatter
Format: CD-R, DVD case
Genres: harsh noise
K2 - Abdominal Electricity
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K2 - Abdominal Electricity CD

Newly released 2011 album from Kusafuka Kimihide, who has been permanently damaging ears for the past 20 years as K2. Almost 60 min of crackling electronic storms and cut-up junk... (continued)

Label: Phage Tapes
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Genres: harsh noise
Knurl - Scyamine
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Knurl - Scyamine CD

Label info: "Since 1994, Alan Bloor (Knurl) has obsessively explored the sound of distorted amplified metal. On Scyamine, he creates a scrapyard inferno of roaring feedback and blown... (continued)

Label: PACrec
Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Various Artists - Stalin And Mao Listen To Us
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Various Artists - Stalin And Mao Listen To Us CD-R

Sino-Russian noise compilation. Russians: Monopolka, Maaaa, Natural Obscenity in Sexual Experiments, Tydish, Melody. Chinese: Torturing Nurse, Hong Qike, Noiser... (continued)

Format: CD-R, folded B&W poster sleeve
Genres: harsh noise