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Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa
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Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa CD-R

Lo-fi power electronics / noise with heavily processed vocals and screeching feedback. Features two covers of popular Soviet songs from the Second World War.

Format: CD-R, paper sleeve
Barzel - Born to Destroy Amalek

Barzel - Born to Destroy Amalek CD

Second album from Barzel, fueled as always by the cause of militant Zionism. Whereas the first album felt like a historical overview of the topic (complete with sampled excerpts... (continued)

Format: CD, digisleeve
Herz Jühning - Miasma
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Herz Jühning - Miasma CD

First full-length album from this newcomer to the Galakthorrö family, whose Faces 7" the luckier ones of you may have had a chance to hear. True to the label's tradition, Herz... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, digipak with 16-page booklet
Barzel - A Shield of Defense and the Word of the Son of Blood

Barzel - A Shield of Defense and the Word of the Son of Blood CD

Label info: "Barzel is a new power electronics project which brings us their views of Zionism as an aesthetic / political avant garde. the... (continued)

Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Various Artists - Kosmoloko
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Various Artists - Kosmoloko CD

Celebrating the 10th birthday of Galakthorrö, this compilation brings together new and exclusive tracks from Haus Arafna, November Növelet, Subliminal, Karl Runau and newcomer Maska... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, jewel case
Various Artists - Revelation
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Various Artists - Revelation CD

First release from Squid's brand new label. Based around the "Revelation" story which is included in the 16 page booklet along with its original artwork.
Featuring... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Cold Flesh Colony - Burial
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Cold Flesh Colony - Burial 10"

Power electronics side-project of Mürnau / Eisengrau. Mangled shouted vocals drowned out by blasts of rumbling noise. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.

Format: 10"
PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes
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PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes LP

Collaboration release between these two french projects, resulting in a 12" of old-school industrial with shuffling drum machine beats, buzzing analog synthesizers... (continued)

Format: LP, red vinyl
Söldnergeist - You Want Him / Hyper Climax
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Söldnergeist - You Want Him / Hyper Climax 7"

"You Want Him": heavy electronics with pulsating bass and distorted vocals. "Hyper Climax": a crescendo of noise and strained drones.

Label: Self Abuse
Format: 7"
Subliminal - Gracebudd
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Subliminal - Gracebudd CD

Ridiculously overlooked project that perfectly matches the label's roster while adding its own distinct characteristics to it. Gracebudd is the sound of muffled cries, gasps for air,... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Haus Arafna - Butterfly
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Haus Arafna - Butterfly CD

Long awaited third release from this cult project. Less confrontational and aggressive than "Children of God" but their most personal and emotional work so far. Strongly... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Haus Arafna - Children of God
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Haus Arafna - Children of God LP

Label info: "The Album Children Of God has so far only been available on CD. In order to round off the Haus Arafna repertoire, and at the same time satisfy the “Vinyl Maniacs... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: LP, hand-numbered limited edition of 683 copies