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Aghast Manor - Gaslights
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Aghast Manor - Gaslights CD

Aghast Manor is Andrea Haugen's follow-up project to Aghast, known for its cult bewitched dark ambient 1995 album on Cold Meat Industry. Somber darkwave with a foggy atmosphere of... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Inorganic Blossoming - Autumndrones
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Inorganic Blossoming - Autumndrones CD

Label info: "28 minutes of mild ambient, careful noise and accidental melodies, the mix of rustling leaves, blowing wind and the song of analogue synthesizers. Limited... (continued)

Format: CD, A5 digipak with corrugated paper sleeve
Bad Sector - Transponder
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Bad Sector - Transponder CD

Re-release of a long out-of-print 1999 album on Blade Records with 2 new exclusive tracks from that period. This is vintage "Dolmen Factory"-era Bad Sector, the sound of... (continued)

Format: CD, digipak