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Joan Silver Pin - Chiaroscuro
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Joan Silver Pin - Chiaroscuro CD

Joan Silver Pin is an experimental electro-acoustic / jazz fusion band from Moscow, with core members also active in other bands. While "jazz fusion" usually results in... (continued)

Label: R.A.I.G.
Format: CD, oversized 3-panel color sleeve
Womba - Evidence Of Letta

Womba - Evidence Of Letta CD

Industrial ambient collage from Tikhon S. Kubov, the person behind other RAIG-related projects such as Mux and Won James Won. Some of the material is a little reminiscent of the... (continued)

Label: R.A.I.G.
Format: CD, cardboard folder with 6-page booklet
Won James Won - Tol's Toy
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Won James Won - Tol's Toy CD

Label info: "Though utilizing a love to the 80-90s alternative rock as inspiration, they move well beyond exploring territory uniquely their own with no boundaries between... (continued)

Label: R.A.I.G.
Format: CD, hand-made CD cardboard box
Irmologion - Dynatos
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Irmologion - Dynatos CD

2005 release from this mysterious Russian project. One long 76 min track of stuttering robotic drones, introspective classical atmospheres and processed Orthodox chants.

Limited to 350... (continued)

Label: R.A.I.G.
Format: CD, hard book folder