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Circadian - Flanking The Black Moose
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Circadian - Flanking The Black Moose CD

A collaboration release between the persons responsible for Nothing and Gruntsplatter. Imaginative mix of dark ambient, playful atmospheres and glitch-tinged electronics.... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Gruntsplatter - Pest Maiden
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Gruntsplatter - Pest Maiden CD

Slow, grim and black-as-coal atmospheric ambient that takes you back to the years of the plague. Originally released as a now sold-out 7" and a cassette on Troniks, and... (continued)

Label: PACrec
Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Zoät·Aon - Star Autopsy
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Zoät·Aon - Star Autopsy CD

With a handful of releases, Aural Hypnox have established themselves as a source for high-quality innovative output in the saturated field of dark ambient, and these releases aren't... (continued)

Label: Aural Hypnox
Format: CD, 6-panel cardboard sleeve
Grundik and Slava - Frogs
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Grundik and Slava - Frogs CD

The second part of the "Fauna" series by this project, the first of which was released by Stateart. Thematically and sonically centered around frogs and their environment,... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Vetrophonia - Symformoza
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Vetrophonia - Symformoza CD-R

Vetrophonia is a collaboration project between Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass) and Nick Soudnick (ZGA). Symformoza is the logical result of such a duo, meshing the former's... (continued)

Label: Ultra
Format: CD-R, oversized cardboard sleeve
Lucisferrato - Childish Songs For Ugly Useless Dead Friends
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Lucisferrato - Childish Songs For Ugly Useless Dead Friends 10"

To put it shortly, there is nothing that sounds like Lucisferrato. Layered and processed voices form the spine of this project's unique and very... (continued)

Label: Der Angriff
Format: 10"
Cold Flesh Colony - Burial
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Cold Flesh Colony - Burial 10"

Power electronics side-project of Mürnau / Eisengrau. Mangled shouted vocals drowned out by blasts of rumbling noise. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.

Format: 10"
Opion Somnium - As They Fly Into Darkness...
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Opion Somnium - As They Fly Into Darkness... 7"

A pleasant release from this New Mexico based project. Soaring waves of lush sounds from processed instruments such as pianos, accordions and violas. There's a... (continued)

Label: Drone Records
Format: 7"
Tarkatak - Skärva / Oroa
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Tarkatak - Skärva / Oroa 7"

Thick undulating bass sounds, discreet sonic effects and gentle melodic structures come together for this slab of subdued ambiance.

Label: Drone Records
Format: 7", second edition
Hum - Ether Rider
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Hum - Ether Rider 7"

New project from Russia that provides a thick, soaring piece of analogue synth noise on one side, and a looping mechanical track with a similar build-up on the other.

Label: Drone Records
Format: 7"
Dusk of Hope - Flexible Response

Dusk of Hope - Flexible Response CD

Long-delayed CD album from this French ambient noise project whose previous material includes a tape released years ago on Slaughter and some compilation appearances, including... (continued)

Label: Hermetique
Format: CD, DVD case with 4 inserts
Kruzenshtern & Parohod - Songs
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Kruzenshtern & Parohod - Songs CD

Second release from this band fronted by Igor Krutogolov, known for his many collaborations and solo projects in the Israeli experimental scene. This is energetic, rich and playful... (continued)

Label: Auris Media
Format: CD, 3-panel digipak with color booklet
Genres: klezmer