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Degeneral - After The World
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Degeneral - After The World CD-R

First official release from this Siberian project, based in the city of Kemerovo. A potential soundtrack to frozen lunar colonies, their autonomous machines and the desolate... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD-R, foil-covered outer sleeve, semi-transparent inner sleeve
Cisfinitum - Bezdna
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Cisfinitum - Bezdna CD

New album from this Moscow-based project known for previous releases on Waystyx and Drone Records. Using a wide array of analog soviet synthesizers (ANS, Polyvox, Yunost-21, Formanta to... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Reutoff - ReuTRauM II
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Reutoff - ReuTRauM II 7"

Part 5 of 7 in a series of releases dedicated to the band's hometown of Reutov. Pounding machine noises, loud choirs and alarm sounds form the basis of the first piece, while the... (continued)

Label: Kaos Kontrol
Format: 7", transparent green vinyl
Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again

Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again CD

Journey to a world where monsters, martians and death rays lurk in every corner. Hear the wailing theremins, the bleeps of space-age technology and the roars of... (continued)

Release date: September 28, 2005
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 550 copies
Stratvm Terror - Fixation
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Stratvm Terror - Fixation CD

Brand new album from what is most likely the best of all Raison D'Etre side-projects. Locomotive-like looped noises, screamed vocals and even two tracks that blend in some doom... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Cisfinitum - V
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Cisfinitum - V CD

Debut CD release from this excellent Moscow project led by Evgeny Voronovsky. 4 long tracks of luminous and sophisticated field recordings, solar ambient and processed string instruments. The CD... (continued)

Label: Waystyx
Format: CD, gatefold sleeve with inserts
Bad Sector - Kosmodrom
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Bad Sector - Kosmodrom CD

New full-length album dedicated to Soviet space exploration. This release sees Bad Sector incorporating minimal rhythms, samples of space station chatter and vintage Russian synthesizers... (continued)

Label: Waystyx
Format: CD, transparent plastic box
PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes
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PPF / ICK - Individualistes / Collectivistes LP

Collaboration release between these two french projects, resulting in a 12" of old-school industrial with shuffling drum machine beats, buzzing analog synthesizers... (continued)

Format: LP, red vinyl
Igor Krutogolov's Karate Band - Children 4 Muzik
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Igor Krutogolov's Karate Band - Children 4 Muzik CD

New band that brings together 11 musicians (including the whole Kruzenshtern & Parohod roster) and an arsenal of toys as the sole instruments, resulting in... (continued)

Label: Auris Media
Format: CD, digisleeve
Eisenkrone - Morgen... Ist Ein Anderer Tag

Eisenkrone - Morgen... Ist Ein Anderer Tag 7"

2 tracks of high-quality martial music with loud drumming, droning organ sounds and operatic voices.

Label: Dictature
Format: 7"
The Soul That Creates - Le Mouroir / Das Narrenschiff

The Soul That Creates - Le Mouroir / Das Narrenschiff 7"

New French project that provides us with two tracks of structured drones and percussive rhythms reminiscent of Deutsch Nepal on this debut release.

Label: Dictature
Format: 7"
Various Artists - Systemic 02
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Various Artists - Systemic 02 CD

Second compilation release from this US distributor, this time in the shape of 15 tracks that cover breakcore, dark ambient, IDM, noise, industrial and anything in between.... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case