Flatline Skyline - Horizon Grid

Flatline Skyline - Horizon Grid

Release date: June 01, 2005
Format: CD, digisleeve with 3-panel booklet, 400 copies

Virus Magazine

Michael Casano | December 02, 2005

“Horizon Grid” is the impressive debut CD from Flatline Skyline, a collection of electronic music marked by precision and passion.

Flatline Skyline is one of those bands impossible to describe, and even more difficult to compare, which is a rare quality these days. For one, the band’s music combines controlled noise and micro-beats, with an IDM approach. There is also careful attention paid to the lyrics and melody, which brings the whole album together into a cohesive design that can best be described as mathematically inspired music. The vocal performance is somewhere in the realm of spoken word poetry and singing, so the lyrics are not buried under sound. With nearly 55 minutes of music, this is a CD that requires multiple playbacks, as I listened to this album three times before even attempting a review. I would like to add that Mechanoise Labs deserves a lot of credit for releasing this CD, as Flatline Skyline will undoubtedly be a band to watch on the electronic music horizon.

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