Necromondo - Necromondo

Necromondo - Necromondo

Release date: May 03, 2007
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 525 copies


Squid | July 01, 2007

The other day I was at someone's house, drunk out of my mind (sadly not too unusual of an occurrence) and what I do remember is only fragments; at some point I remember putting on, against everyone's objections, the new Necromondo cd. I was overcome by that drunkard's need to share a beautiful revelation and so forced them to listen to a few tracks, all the while ranting and raving about how awesome it was. Unaccustomed to this style of music, they were, to be honest, a little unimpressed (but fuck them!), and yet I could sense that my enthusiasm did at least inspire them to give it a chance and consider it music. Yes it is true, that Necromondo sounds like the radioactive maggots within the decaying brain of zombies, but in a totally awesome sort of way. It may be a bit of an acquired taste, however. If you think this idea sounds awesome then you'll think Necromondo is awesome. But if you don't think it sounds awesome then I guess fuck you too! (The next day I heard that at least one of the people who had witnessed the rant commented that they had never seen me so animated and excited before.)

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