Necromondo - Necromondo

Necromondo - Necromondo

Release date: May 03, 2007
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 525 copies

Musique Machine

Roger Batty | April 23, 2008

Necromondo make grim, nasty and droning electronics that often border on noise and are lined with very bleak and atmospheric 80's horror synth type tones making this a prime soundtrack for a zombie apocalypse in your head.

Sadly the first two tracks rather let the whole start of the album down they just seem so dull, uninspired and un-atmospheric they just plod on and on. So take my advice skip them and get to the quality grim, groaning and ghastly sonic gut fruits on track three onwards. Tracks like Theme for a Machete that slides in with a brooding & sinister like Wolf Eyes synth throb topped off with edgy and jarring sounds. Or the ugly and awkward synth tones of the start of Feeding Frenzy that later erupt off in all angles, with a nice glaze of static and dread. Or the great entitled Leech scars and cigarette burns with its grim water bound bassy synth vibe and sounds of knife sharpening, flesh ripping and blood drippings as well as all manner of unpleasant sounds over the top. The great tracks here really light one's mind with images of shuffling, groaning and rotting corpses moving towards you en mass, or slow dismemberments and feasting, or that great feeling of sickly dread and no escape the best zombie films give.

They certainly do manage to conjure up some very sinister, horrifying and gut spilling atmosphere through-out,with mainly only the opening tracks mentioned earlier being the big let down here. I can really see this project growing into something very grimly special, they're not quite there yet but it's not far off.

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