AnastasiaComing Back Home 1Before The Rain Original SoundtrackPhilips1994
Mizar & HarmosiniWhite Sea / Бело МореChild And The White SeaCorvus2011
Kayno Yesno SlonceКонстантинополЧакръкCorvus2004
KismetStolen WallNorth Atlantic Balkan ExpressTone Casualties1999
Zlatko OrigjanskiСлава Тебе ЖивотеРазбуди СеAvalon Produkcija2003
MizarSina SobaA View To A Flower GardenCorvus2007
AnastasiaKjania AdzamijaMelourgiaLibra Music1997
Zlatko OrigjanskiWinter CoatIkona / MansardaThird Ear Music1999
Kayno Yesno SlonceОдражелаRequiem for The White WindCorvus2014
Apokrifna RealnostНа Рєкахъ ВавилонскыхъНа Рєкахъ Вавл҃нскыхъAnnapurna2017
ShrineThereStrange Growths / WanderCorvus2008
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Ten year birthdeath of Marco Corbelli - May 6, 2007

Atrax MorgueI Want To Know MoreHomicidal / Mechanic AsphyxiaSlaughter Productions2001
Atrax MorgueIpolepticSickness ReportRelease1996
Atrax MorgueBeautiful RazorWoundfuckerAVA/ES11998
Progetto MorteDissekt MindProgetto MorteSlaughter Productions2001
Atrax MorgueDeath-Orgasm ConnectorDeath-Orgasm ConnectorSlaughter Productions2003
Atrax MorgueRosy (Morte 2)WoundfuckerAVA/ES11998
Mörder MachineWhat’s A Human?DeathShowSlaughter Productions1998
Atrax MorgueTotenflechbildungPataphysiologyOld Europa Cafe2006
Atrax MorguePlaying With My CorpseHomicidal / Mechanic AsphyxiaSlaughter Productions2001
Atrax MorgueClub Of The DeadNo MoreArs Benevola Mater2005
Atrax MorgueEviscerationSickness ReportRelease1996
Atrax MorgueS/he Was Beautiful, DeadLesion 22Slaughter Productions2004
Atrax MorgueIs It EnoughParanoiaOld Europa Cafe2000
Mörder MachineHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdeathSlaughter Productions1998
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Podcast Episode 15 - Astrum

February 26, 2017

The Away TeamCult InitiationEvacuate Planet Earth / Cloud PrismHooker Vision2011
StelladrineBeyond The StarsYou’ll Never See Your World AgainMechanoise Labs2005
IonosphereThe Atom AbundanceThe Stellar WindsPower & Steel2016
Bad SectorWaalTransponderInfinite Fog2011
PredominanceVector EquilibriumNocturnal Gates Of IncidenceLoki Foundation2000
Imminent StarvationPleaseNordAnt-Zen1999
Erik UrsichDecadimento Beta Di Un Gruppo Di Neutroni Al Di Fuori Del NucleoElectronic Diffraction PatternsPunch Records2008
CyclotimiaColonies IISci-Fi MusicZhelezobeton2010
Pulse EmitterTriangulum GalaxyCosmic ImagesExpansive2010
PanabriteScience FaceEvacuate Planet Earth / Cloud PrismHooker Vision2011
Edward ArtemievPeregriniMood – PicturesElectroshock Records2010
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Podcast Episode 14 - Power

January 22, 2017

Episode 014
KoufarI Have A DreamLebanon For LebaneseUnrest Productions2017
Haus ArafnaHappy ThrillThe Singles 1993-2000Galakthorrö2003
Rasthof DachauA Prison PoemPrison PoemsSteinklang2006
Ex.OrderPrayers Of New HolocaustWar Within BreathMalignant Records2001
Con-DomTorchWaging War Against YouUnrest Productions2015
Survival UnitAfter The FactContinuitySteinklang2005
Maison CloseEscape From FreedomWiderstandStateart2003
Genocide OrganWe Care For YouIn - KonfliktTesco Organisation2004
FemeheimGott In Uns IIGrenzniederkunftDeath Continues Records2013
SlogunBestowed Without A WordBy Blood : In BloodOld Europa Cafe2015
Iron Fist Of The SunPrideWe Can Yield Our Own FootstepsCold Spring2015
Objekt/UrianLast Farewell+Tonfragmente II+Zone De Confusion2004
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Podcast Episode 13 - Time

January 15, 2017

JG ThirlwellToxodon MourningManorexia: The Mesopelagic WatersTzadik2010
Bernard HerrmannNocturne / The Flashlight / The Robot / Space ControlThe Day The Earth Stood Still20th Century Fox Film Scores1993
ZGACon SlancioZero Gravity AnomalyStrange Sounds Records2006
Soliman GamilSupplicationAnkhTouch1990
Volcano The BearErasmus, The Queens DentistClassic Erasmus FusionBeta-lactam Ring Records2006
Ignis FatuusThese Bodies Are But Shadows Cast Into MatterIn Our Mad BlissEibon Records2005
Hermann KoppThe Great AutomatonUnder A Demon's MaskGalakthorrö2008
Igor KrutogolovIVWardrobeAuris Media2004
AnthesteriaI KilledI KilledSelf-released2004
Messageros Killers BoysSteppes De La Grande ChienneLe Trésor Des Iles ChiennesZélig1989
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