Podcast Episode 14 - Power

January 22, 2017

KoufarI Have A DreamLebanon For LebaneseUnrest Productions2017
Haus ArafnaHappy ThrillThe Singles 1993-2000Galakthorrö2003
Rasthof DachauA Prison PoemPrison PoemsSteinklang2006
Ex.OrderPrayers Of New HolocaustWar Within BreathMalignant Records2001
Con-DomTorchWaging War Against YouUnrest Productions2015
Survival UnitAfter The FactContinuitySteinklang2005
Maison CloseEscape From FreedomWiderstandStateart2003
Genocide OrganWe Care For YouIn - KonfliktTesco Organisation2004
FemeheimGott In Uns IIGrenzniederkunftDeath Continues Records2013
SlogunBestowed Without A WordBy Blood : In BloodOld Europa Cafe2015
Iron Fist Of The SunPrideWe Can Yield Our Own FootstepsCold Spring2015
Objekt/UrianLast Farewell+Tonfragmente II+Zone De Confusion2004
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Podcast Episode 13 - Time

January 15, 2017

JG ThirlwellToxodon MourningManorexia: The Mesopelagic WatersTzadik2010
Bernard HerrmannNocturne / The Flashlight / The Robot / Space ControlThe Day The Earth Stood Still20th Century Fox Film Scores1993
ZGACon SlancioZero Gravity AnomalyStrange Sounds Records2006
Soliman GamilSupplicationAnkhTouch1990
Volcano The BearErasmus, The Queens DentistClassic Erasmus FusionBeta-lactam Ring Records2006
Ignis FatuusThese Bodies Are But Shadows Cast Into MatterIn Our Mad BlissEibon Records2005
Hermann KoppThe Great AutomatonUnder A Demon's MaskGalakthorrö2008
Igor KrutogolovIVWardrobeAuris Media2004
AnthesteriaI KilledI KilledSelf-released2004
Messageros Killers BoysSteppes De La Grande ChienneLe Trésor Des Iles ChiennesZélig1989
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"Only death does not lie."

The Blind Owl, By Sadegh Hedayat

Negru VodaDeath In Your EyesAn Impulse Of Fear / Raudive ExperimentsCrowd Control Activities1998
ContemplatronDownward To The Spheres Of SufferingDelogWrotycz Records2008
InannaGoryOeuvres Complètes Tome I - XVIOld Captain2016
PessaryLaid To Rest (Part 2)Laid To RestDirter Promotions1992
Brighter Death NowGrave-CrackerThe SlaughterhouseFunctional Organisation1993
Schloss TegalCertificate Of The WoundThe Grand GuignolArtware Production1993
NecromondoA Fistful Of IntestinesNecromondoMechanoise Labs2007
Dissecting TableDark Side Of The LifeBetween Life And DeathUPD Organization1990
Mental DestructionKrossaWhen Madness StrikesCold Meat Industry1995
ChödFossorLa Liste NoireDictatvre2001
T.G.V.T.Rinde 6Rinde HumanoFlabbergast1991
SPKStammheim TorturkammerInformation Overload UnitThe Grey Area1992
Atom Infant IncubatorPraenatal SegmentDeath OdorsSlaughter Productions1994
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Podcast Episode 11 - Yuletide

December 25, 2016

Genetic TransmissionUntitled (Rondel #1)Rondel Pełen ŁajnaSoulworm Editions2003
SkincageAlphalephAxonMalignant Antibody2000
White HospitalWe Wish You A Merry X'masHolocaustSteinklang Industries2014
Omne Datum OptimumA TierceMissa XXICynfeirdd2004
raison d'êtreThe WastelandThe Empty Hollow UnfoldsCold Meat Industry2000
ShrineBinary CreationThe Final AsylumCorvus Records2006
:Of The Wand & The Moon:Algir Naudir Wunjo:Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness:Prophecy Productions2001
Chaos As ShelterAmenMidnight Prayer / IllusionCrowd Control Activities2001
Volcano The BearDid You Ever Feel Like Jesus?Classic Erasmus FusionBeta-lactam Ring Records2006
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Photo taken at the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, April 2005

The Podryvaniem BoysKalinka SmertiExtreme Music From RussiaSusan Lawly2004
BardoseneticcubeDeadhead IIIDeadheadAquarellist / Steinklang Industries2005
MuxThe Team Of The BraveThe Second ConfessionR.A.I.G.2004
ReutoffAmerican WhoresDeprivatioEwers Tonkunst2008
DvarIeoroh 3RakhilimMonopoly Records2003
CyclotimiaSame Time Same PlaceWastelandStateart2002
Unknown ArtistГрузинский МаршРусские И Советские МаршиBomba Music2001
Линия МассТриумф СталиRed SquareKultFront2005
LucisferratoNeuordnungWeltanschauungOld Europa Cafe2004
ZGATararabumbiaGloomStrange Sounds Records2004
Stalnoy PaktПробуждение России VПробуждение РоссииALF Produkt2004
Georgy SmirnovSong Of Penitance For RussiaBasso Profondo From Old RussiaSaison Russe1999
TsaraasLeninThe Black SquareKultFront2006
Noises Of RussiaПравая Сторона Часть IIСмирение (Humility)Zhelezobeton / Aquarellist2010
StuzhaLilac Polar DarknessБутугычагKsenza Records2015
Anthesteria...As Lantern Gleam At NightBeyond NimbostratusDer Angriff2004
КиноМама, мы все сошли с умаГруппа КровиMoroz Records1998
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