KreiviskaiСны землиZemmis : SupnāiCasus Belli Musica2014
NubiferousManaManaVegvisir Music2014
Lunar Abyss Deus OrganumZasnuli Zveri Vse (Animals All Have Fallen Asleep)BrusnikaDrone Records2005
Шесть Мёртвых БолгарМой Костер В Тумане Светит (My Fire Shines In The Fog)Прошлое Будущее (Future Bygone)COD Noizes2015
KshatriyThe SpiritsSlepok SoznaniyaMuzyka Voln2009
Staruha MhaEdge Of The SkyFiresAgniset2004
Lunar Abyss QuartetZeleznaya Voda VZeleznaya VodaChimaera2002
VresnitPreobrazhenieSeed SolarVetvei / Aquarellist2010
Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux TenebraeSkywards The InfinitySkywards The InfinityInfinite Fog / Eternal Pride2010
PragnavitZier ViatochaSkarby Zmiainaha KaralaCrivia Records2016
Exit In GreySo Beautiful And Quiet PlaceShadows Of StillnessMuzyka Voln2013
BardoseneticcubeThe Castle In A FogMuzyka VolnMuzyka Voln2007
Dronny Darko & ProtoURiparian Forest [ 300 Million Years Ago ]Earth SongsCryo Chamber2015
Aleksandr MatochkinKeep Your Mind In Hell And Despair NotTraditional Woeful Folksongs Of Russian KinЧёрная земля2014
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Podcast Episode 7 - Serpentes

November 27, 2016

SephirothThe Call Of The SerpentDraconian PoetryCold Meat Industry2005
EnduraWhen God Was A SnakeBlack EdenRed Stream2005
Herbst9The Snake Of SaigonFrom A Dark Chasm BelowLoki Foundation1999
Deutsch NepalPythonAlcohologyEntartete Musikk2015
InadeSerpentine EnergyColliding DimensionsLoki Foundation2005
RapoonSnake BellyRaising Earthly SpiritsSoleilmoon1993
Iron Fist Of The SunBorn Of SnakeWe Can Yield Our Own FootstepsCold Spring2015
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Podcast Episode 6 - Dread

November 20, 2016

Sal SolarisОжиданиеHoly Mother RussiaSteinklang2004
Randy GriefRusted Sorrow Of The Old CraneVerdi's RequiemSoleilmoon1997
HollydriftA Day Like No OtherWaiting For The TillerParasomnic2004
Premature EjaculationNon-UnionNecessary DiscomfortsCleopatra1993
KenotaphTauchPromiseFunctional Organisation1998
Hermann KoppMan Drowning Himself In BathtubNekronologyRed Stream2004
G*ParkFourGeopodZabriskie Point1995
Lieutenant CaramelLa Fin Du TempsEarly Tape WorksMonochrome Vision2006
Black To CommLaccifer LaccaRückwärts BackwardsDekorder2006
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Podcast Episode 5 - Never Stop

November 14, 2016

Front 242Never Stop! V1.0Front By FrontEpic1992
SPKHigh TensionMachine Age VoodooWounded Bird2008
CyclotimiaLiberal WormzStyxZhelezobeton2009
Controlled BleedingNow Is The TimePenetrationThird Mind Records1992
Terror Against TerrorBy Any Means Necessary (Pop Shit Mix)Psychological Warfare Technology SystemsParagoric1992
DiveBe YourselfTrue LiesDaft Records1999
Fad GadgetUnder The Flag IIUnder The FlagMute1991
Le Syndicat ElectroniqueFaux-SemblantsNouvelles Pièces DissidentesCabinett2003
Bakterielle InfektionNo World Without BordersCities Of GlassGenetic Music2005
BrumeTotenkopf Haircut StyleDrafts Of CollisionsCrowd Control Activities1997
Crawl UnitHoly StaticEveryone Gets What They DeserveCrippled Intellect Productions1999
Drape Excrement / SöldnergeistPublic OpinionBlack RiderSteinklang Industries2006
Genocide OrganConditio HumanaIn-KonfliktTesco Organisation2004
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NegativlandFreedom’s WaitingFreeSeeland1993
Down In JuneThe Enemy WithinCovers… Death In JuneNerus2008
LaibachOpus DeiOpus DeiMute1987
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A CloudXRest On Your Arms ReversedArthur’s Round Table1999
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A CloudXIRest On Your Arms ReversedArthur’s Round Table1999
Oda RelictaAve Rex Crowned With LaurelThe Crown & The PloughNeuropa2007
WreathesOdesWreathesBrave Mysteries2012
Death In JuneGorilla TacticsOperation HummingbirdNER1999
Controlled BleedingAwakened (Beneath The Ground)GolgothaStaalplaat1991
ArcanaThe Ascending Of A New Dawn...The Last EmbraceCold Meat Industry2000
Karjalan SissitPig SocietyMiserereCold Meat Industry2002
Der BlutharschXDer Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil!WKN2001
Shinjuku ThiefA Black FurrowThe Witch HunterDorobo1995
Mandible ChatterGriogal CridheOf Foreign Lands And PeopleRelease Entertainment2003
Frank ToveyThe Liberty Tree (Single Version)Fad Gadget By Frank ToveyMute2006
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