Podcast Episode 15 - Astrum

February 26, 2017

The Away TeamCult InitiationEvacuate Planet Earth / Cloud PrismHooker Vision2011
StelladrineBeyond The StarsYou’ll Never See Your World AgainMechanoise Labs2005
IonosphereThe Atom AbundanceThe Stellar WindsPower & Steel2016
Bad SectorWaalTransponderInfinite Fog2011
PredominanceVector EquilibriumNocturnal Gates Of IncidenceLoki Foundation2000
Imminent StarvationPleaseNordAnt-Zen1999
Erik UrsichDecadimento Beta Di Un Gruppo Di Neutroni Al Di Fuori Del NucleoElectronic Diffraction PatternsPunch Records2008
CyclotimiaColonies IISci-Fi MusicZhelezobeton2010
Pulse EmitterTriangulum GalaxyCosmic ImagesExpansive2010
PanabriteScience FaceEvacuate Planet Earth / Cloud PrismHooker Vision2011
Edward ArtemievPeregriniMood – PicturesElectroshock Records2010
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