Kryptogen Rundfunk - 22.SZ

Kryptogen Rundfunk - 22.SZ

Release date: November 07, 2004
Format: CD, heavy A5 cardboard sleeve, 350 copies

Burning Emptiness

DDN | January 24, 2006

As I said before & elsewhere, Mechanoise has cut down the mecha and the noise a bit but not the quality. In fact it’s not so much the Noise or its Mechanical character that’s been turned down but mostly the harsh- foreword that usually qualifies it. Deep analoguish drones and low sine waves and lots of static so you could call this ambient Noise without being too far away from the truth (which, of course, isn’t The Truth) but it all strangely keeps quite listenable and entertaining –for the strong-hearted, needless to say but still said.

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