Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again

Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again

Release date: September 28, 2005
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 550 copies

Virus Magazine

Michael Casano | June 20, 2006

Now you can listen to the sounds of the future brought to you straight from the golden age of science fiction’s glorious past.

“You’ll Never See Your World Again” is another gem released by the Mechanoise Labs label.

Stelladrine carves out a world made out of chrome, along with the beeps and buzzes of strange circuitry, and plenty of flashing lights and machines with lots of buttons to press. But wait, there is more.
Combine the multitude of machinery and noisy mechanics with an array of interstellar samples of “scientists and madmen” and other omniscient beings from galaxies afar, and you have an altogether cinematic soundtrack in black and white.

There is a strong, yet forgivable and absolutely necessary, sense of cut and paste, and at times this method works exceptionally well, such as the collaged narrative and sound found on “Attack of the Radioactive Freaks”. Ultimately, if you love vintage late-night bad-dialogue sci-fi like I do, then you’ll love this CD. Earthlings with neither a sense of imagination nor humor need not apply.

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