Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again

Stelladrine - You'll Never See Your World Again

Release date: September 28, 2005
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 550 copies

Blood Ties

xdementia | July 21, 2007

Stelladrine is from an era that never happened where the deep reaches of space are explored by scientists using rudimentary mechanical equipment to reach their ends. A world where the first contact with extra-terrestrial intelligent life occurred over 50 years ago. This is another project from the apparently eclectic Tirdad CK of Necromondo that explores the pulp sci-fi of the “golden age of science fiction.” There are plenty of samples used here ranging from laugh-out-loud absurdity to deeply haunting voices floating through space.

From the colorful comic-styled artwork to the wailing theremins the vision and aesthetic remains consistent throughout the release. With 11 tracks there is a ton to take in here, so many different takes on the classic sci-fi feel are demonstrated through use of samples, sounds, rhythms and the occasional melody as well. I'd say this has a bit of a digital sound but the production is very well done with clear highs/lows and a ton of great uses for delays, reverbs and synths.

You'll Never See Your World Again starts off with it's most accessible tracks with the rhythmic “Destination Earth” and then almost meandering into an IDM style with “Astrosurfers of Tomorrow” but it's not contrived at all with too many experimental elements and odd sounds interrupting the flow of things. “You'll Never See Your World Again” is the most melodic piece with a simple guitar line and floating sounds, spoken samples, and drones flowing alongside it.

Stelladrine tells a story here though, the first part of your journey here is beautiful, a peaceful journey leaving the confines of Earth's pull and projecting yourself into deep space. But nothings ever perfect and things begin to go a bit awry in Beyond the Stars which is decidedly darker but also a bit more beautiful with repetitive spacey industrial rhythms and screeching slinky-like drones combined with subtle melodies. The journey continues with memorable samples, deep dark echoing sounds and drones, synth atmospheres and squealing machinery.

There are so many great tracks and moments here it is impossible to write about all of them because I am constantly discovering them. But one of the most effective tracks here is “Galaxiae Pacieferum” which is perhaps also the darkest. It features whirring delay lines, and industrial drones aplenty but forms a bleak view of blackened space. It clocks in at only about 3 and a half minutes and features a manipulated echoing sample stating: “they closed their eyes, they cried peace” ringing out into the nothingness.

This is a unique and original statement with deep atmospheres and offbeat experimental ideas as well as some musical influences. I haven't heard anything like this at all before and it's so consistent and well done it just amazes me, like the thoughts and dreams of the future.

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