Gate To Gate - I Turn Black Keys
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Gate To Gate - I Turn Black Keys CD (PACrec)

Label info: "Confused like a two-headed snake trying to bite its own non-existant tail, Gate to Gate churn through gross tones, bass shudder and worst of all - vocals - with exactly the maladroit precision you'd expect from such a beast.
This release presents one new 38 minute mess of blackened clatter and clunk, as well as collects their two extremely limited cassettes BANE and HOUSE WITH THE CLOCK IN ITS WALLS in remastered form. Heavy-handed and heavy-footed industrial noise by all accounts. from the blackened minds of Greh (Hive Mind, Chondritic Sound) and Mike Connelly (Hair Police, Wolf Eyes, Gods of Tundra). nearly 80 minutes of satanic black sludge."

Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Genres: noise