Won James Won - Tol's Toy
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Won James Won - Tol's Toy CD (R.A.I.G.)

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Label info: "Though utilizing a love to the 80-90s alternative rock as inspiration, they move well beyond exploring territory uniquely their own with no boundaries between various music genres: rock, avant-garde, electronic, jazz and pop-music. Their collective approach is a tight knit of the experimental, the abstract, and the absurd. Their sarcasm and caustic sense of humor keep things unruly and absolutely unpredictable. There are tracks rooted in conventional song structures, free improvised pieces, and tons of intricate manipulations with speech samples and found noises throughout the album. Overall, Tol’s Toy reminds surreal soundtracks for one of those shock-horror-movies that leave audiences eerie though wanting for more."

Format: CD, hand-made CD cardboard box