Ait! - Romanticismo Oltranzista CD (Punch Records)

Label info: "Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. AIT! is back at last to reveal himself with a new kinky show for those of you having lost their heart in a dark Italian discotheque, some thirty years ago.
With a couple of hard-boiled songs and a boxful of extremist love letters
this obscure erotique one man orchestra gets its stylish fists right into the face of today's fashion kids. Too strong to be pussy. Too pussy to be romantic. A bizarre cup of circus fun served in a Jess Franco ballet dance through hell.
Remember the mirrorballs and watch this whole unique striptease from lounge to funk to rock'n'punk. Everything in here, more than a spicy cocktail. All shaken not stirred. A punch of its own!"

Format: CD, digipak with 28-page booklet
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