Cisfinitum - Tactio

Cisfinitum - Tactio

Release date: March 05, 2008
Format: CD, digipak

Musique Machine

Roger Batty | June 01, 2008

Cisfinitum is a project of Russian musician and composer Evgueny Voronovsky that's been in existence since 1999- he creates a sound best described as a mix of ambience, industrial and electro-acoustic soundscapes. Tactio was recorded live in an ancient Roman cathedral and offers up seven numbered pieces that utilize Baroque violin, bell sounds, electronics and the acoustics of the cathedral itself to create a sometimes beautiful but often ominous & dense sound world.

The front cover features a drawing of an alien-looking pope figure on a throne which is most fitting as this often feels like you're visiting a vast cathedral on another world that's half organic and half alien built. Its vast towering walls shifting flesh-like as you move though the body of the building, the vast chambers, corridors and main places of worship often clouded on the lower levels by green smog.

Voronovsky manipulates and stretches the bell and violin tones into deep spiritual sound-soups that he lets bob and swell around the cathedral's harmonic structure - moving through drone textures, rhythmic textured tone elements and deep sonic expanses of sound. It really must have been very impressive in its original live form, I can imagine some of the tones carrying right through you. Though it's split into seven separate pieces each track flows, grows, sinks or rises into each other meaning this works well as one long near on 50 minute track.

Throughout Tactio Voronovsky manages to create an impressive alien yet spiritual and often vast sounding atmosphere that nicely shifts and morphs throughout its sonic life from deep drone craft, to rhythmic and dense work-outs, to meshed bell tapestry.

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