Cisfinitum - Tactio

Cisfinitum - Tactio

Release date: March 05, 2008
Format: CD, digipak

Evening of Light

O.S. | July 27, 2008

Russian dark ambient project Cisfinitum is a new name for me, as is the Mechanoise label, but this excellent release will surely help me remember them for the future. Tactio was recorded live in the St. Petri Dom cathedral in Bremen, and although being there must have been an even better experience, this live registration captures a great atmosphere.

Tactio is made up one 45-minute set divided into six movements and a closing outro of applause. It starts off with calm melodic waves, probably created with manipulated violin. Added to this are the usual trappings (effects and sounds) of dark ambient. In the later movements, Evgeny Voronovski, the man behind the project, starts utilizing church bells to great effect, creating drones, loops, and melodies. The last movement, finally, twists everything into a brilliant hypnotic rhythm.

All through the album, an abstract, mystical or even religious atmosphere is achieved and combined with skilled presentation and misty sound; the result is marvelous.

This one\'s highly recommended to dark ambient and drone enthusiasts. References to artists like Troum, Raison d\'Être, and Psychic Space Invasion are certainly not out of place, and who knows, Cisfinitum itself might become a touchstone for the genre in the future.

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