Ishai Adar - Beaufort Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (Ak Duck)

Original soundtrack to "Beaufort", the 2007 Berlinale Film Festival Silver Bear winner for best director. "Beaufort" tells the story of the last group of IDF soldiers stationed in the South Lebanon outpost of the same name, prior to the evacuation of Israeli forces from the country in 2000.

Its soundtrack was composed by Israeli electronic artist Ishai Adar, who was previously involved in the experimental pop band "The Top-Hat Carriers". This is Adar's second motion picture soundtrack, and it's an ominous and pensive combination of processed digital sounds, warm ambient drones and sedated melodies. The press release suggests comparisons to Philip Jack, Biosphere & William Basinski, but this comes recommended to anyone looking for a great example of a subtle contemporary electronic score.

Format: CD, clear jewel case