KK Null - Galactic Tornado
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KK Null - Galactic Tornado CD (Quasi Pop Records)

2008 release from long-active experimental musician Kazuyuki Kishino. While the combination of a prolific discography and the "guitar noise improv" tag kept me away from his works so far as efficiently as the colors on a poison dart frog, my preconceptions were thankfully proved wrong by this album. Far from being interchangeable and self-indulgent, the five 10+ minute tracks here do not show a single moment of dullness. Attention has been obviously paid to keeping the flow dynamic and renewing the pool of sounds, as thick slabs of cosmic noise crash into twitchy electronic pulses and deflagrations. If this is representative of his current work, I'll be definitely investigating more of his similar material.

Format: CD, multi-paneled digipak