Per Aspera - Nil Desperandum
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Per Aspera - Nil Desperandum CD (New Nihilism)

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Surprisingly glossy if uneven dark ambient from this newcomer to the Polish post-industrial scene. The better tracks tracks are built around deep drones and choir-like processed voices that succeed at giving the whole affair a stark cinematic tone that falls somewhere between Parca Pace and Band of Pain. Some specific pieces ("Crematorium" and "Shkiyat Hoolam") gradually incorporate samples of 9/11 witness accounts, Israeli news snippets and Arabic chanting and instrumentation in a fairly clumsy manner (the unintentionally hilarious homemade "jihadist death threat" is straight out of some cheesy Golan-Globus production, complete with a misnamed "Radaman" reference). Aside from that distracting break in continuity (which can still be enjoyed for its sheer tackiness), "Nil Desperandum" achieves what it set out to do in terms of quality ambient.

Format: CD, A5-sized digipak