Hated Bruit Kollektiv - Aktion One
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Hated Bruit Kollektiv - Aktion One CD-R (New Nihilism)

Hated Bruit Kollektiv is the name for the ephemeral collaborative project between Rafal Sadej (Moan) and Tomasz Twardawa (Genetic Transmission), two of Poland's better artists operating in the post-industrial domain. This release captures their live performance at the 2007 Bez Kontroli Festival, and it's presented here in the shape of 37-min stream-of-consciousness maelstrom of whirring, clanging and heavily textured noise. Not the "harsh noise" pedal mashing variety that is, this is much more atmospheric and shifting in nature, with certain moments bringing to mind the more subdued material they release under their own main projects.

Format: CD-R, pro-printed disc in folded poster sleeve
Genres: noise