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YAO 91404 D - Energy
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YAO 91404 D - Energy CD-R

Inscrutable field recordings from dams, machine rooms and other water processing facilities from this cult Russian project.

Comes with a certificate from the Soviet Ministry of Power.... (continued)

Format: CD-R, DVD case
K2 | Positive Adjustments - Sprouts And Memories

K2 | Positive Adjustments - Sprouts And Memories CD-R

Split release with Kimihide Kusafuka of K2 fame delivering his signature relentless harsh noise while newcomer Krister Bergman focuses on his noise / power... (continued)

Format: CD-R, 8-page booklet, jewel case with slipcase
Autocancrena - La Distruzione

Autocancrena - La Distruzione CD-R

Label info: "Autocancrena is an industrial/ambient project from Rome, Italy run by Lorenzo Chiarofonte (Scorze Records). This work is based on the screenplay Woyzeck by Georg... (continued)

Format: CD-R, Pro-printed, slim DVD case with color booklet, limited to 50 copies
Ogni Videniy - Skvozь Temnotu
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Ogni Videniy - Skvozь Temnotu CD-R

From the Northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk comes this fine addition to the growing roster of modern day shamans of the Vetvei label. Crystal shards, eerie synth drones,... (continued)

Label: Vetvei
Format: CD-R, 6-panel cardboard sleeve
Somnivore & Kivelä - Maelström
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Somnivore & Kivelä - Maelström CD-R

Free-form dark ambient from Finland that wouldn't be out of place on the Aural Hypnox roster, even if this does have slightly more industrial than purely ambient undertones.
... (continued)

Format: CD-R, oversized color sleeve
Genres: dark ambient
Luasa Raelon - Into The Void
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Luasa Raelon - Into The Void CD-R

Label info: "Finally, after a pronounced delay, we're presenting the latest in grim, Cthulhian ambient death from David Reed, the man behind the Snip-Snip CD-R label and... (continued)

Label: Crucial Bliss
Format: CD-R, pro-printed disc, oversized sleeve
Genres: dark ambient
Mattias Frisk - En Dag I Väntan På Livet

Mattias Frisk - En Dag I Väntan På Livet CD-R

Mattias Frisk is a graphic artist whose collaboration with fellow Swedes Altar of Flies and Gjalp was released not too long ago on Nil By Mouth. This 29-min debut solo... (continued)

Label: Self-released
Format: CD-R, sealed envelope with letter and insert
Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran - Invasion

Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran - Invasion CD-R

Achtung! This is a collection of all the tracks recorded by this mysterious band from the late 90's Russian scene. The music is old-school electro-industrial with... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD-R, pro-printed, color cardboard sleeve
Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa
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Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa CD-R

Lo-fi power electronics / noise with heavily processed vocals and screeching feedback. Features two covers of popular Soviet songs from the Second World War.

Format: CD-R, paper sleeve
Novasak - Ignominy
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Novasak - Ignominy CD-R

Strained and sputtering electronic noise from Colorado, USA. Delivered with a satisfying low-end crunch and some metal clanging thrown in the mix.

Format: CD-R, handmade foil paper sleeve
Genres: harsh noise
Mattias Frisk - Ett Liv I Väntan På Döden

Mattias Frisk - Ett Liv I Väntan På Döden CD-R

Second part of what is announced as a trilogy of releases by Swedish artist Mattias Frisk, whose eerie and colorful paintings and collages are just as attention-worthy... (continued)

Label: Self-released
Format: CD-R, sealed envelope with letter and insert
T.A.U. - T.A.U.
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T.A.U. - T.A.U. CD-R

First self-titled release from this collaboration between Kirill Rozhkov (S36NZ-OKH) and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (whom you should already know of by the time you're reading this). Where... (continued)

Label: Ultra
Format: CD-R, cardboard sleeve