Luasa Raelon - Into The Void CD-R (Crucial Bliss)

Label info: "Finally, after a pronounced delay, we're presenting the latest in grim, Cthulhian ambient death from David Reed, the man behind the Snip-Snip CD-R label and the ice-drones of Envenomist. With Luasa Raelon, Reed uses deep-frozen synthesizers and electronics to construct pitch-black sonic sculptures that evoke lost cities carved from obsidian whose masterless machines have been left to grind on into eternity, or descents into stygian pits whose bottoms cannot be gauged.

Into The Void is the newest masterwork from Reed, recorded in 2006 and presented here as a five-chapter narrative that chronicles a doomed space exploration, where all that is left are the faint transmissions of apocalyptic dread drifting back at us through time. Beyond ominous, and gorgeously eerie, Reed continues to craft some of the blackest, heaviest drift this side of Gruntsplatter, Troum, Lull, Yen Pox, Melek-Tha, Lustmord, and Megaptera."

Format: CD-R, pro-printed disc, oversized sleeve
Genres: dark ambient
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