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Haus Arafna - Blut - Trilogie Des Blutes | Nachblutung
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Haus Arafna - Blut - Trilogie Des Blutes | Nachblutung 2LP

Label info: "Blut was Haus Arafna’s first Album. It first appeared in 1995 as a limited edition CD, was remastered and reissued in 2006 as CD with the... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: 2LP, red vinyl, heavy cardboard gatefold, printed inner sleeves. Limited edition of 641 copies.
Ex.Order - The Place Of Dead Roads

Ex.Order - The Place Of Dead Roads CD

Label info: "Compiling rare and unreleased tracks from the late Nineties to 2010, The Place of Dead Roads is another heavy slab of complex and explosive noise... (continued)

Label: Power & Steel
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Objekt/Urian - Tonfragmente II

Objekt/Urian - Tonfragmente II CD

Classic re-release of a 2001 CD-R with 6 new tracks from this duo that made their mark in the German power electronics scene with a memorable performance at the 2002 Deadly... (continued)

Format: CD, digipak
Mind & Flesh - Martyr Generation

Mind & Flesh - Martyr Generation CD

Norwegian death industrial that involves the people behind Babyflesh (whose first release was on Slaughter Productions) and recent revelation Blitzkrieg Baby ("Porcus... (continued)

Label: Force Majeure
Format: CD, digipak
Decondition - Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin

Decondition - Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin CD

Structured Finnish power electronics with Control-style scalped-sliced noise loops and distorted declamations. Think Strom.EC on sedatives.

Label: Force Majeure
Format: CD, digipak
OBJEKT/URIAN - Agitation
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2010 album that gathers material recorded between 2006 and 2009 in Darmstadt. Classic cold German power electronics with a Haus Arafna-esque touch.

Format: CD, digipak
Maska Genetik - Strada
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Maska Genetik - Strada CD

Long-delayed and previously cancelled album from this mysterious Moscow project who grabbed everyone's attention with stunning tracks on the "Kosmoloko" compilation and the... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit
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Sutcliffe Jugend - Blue Rabbit CD

Description to be added soon.

Label: Crucial Blast
Format: CD, multi-paneled digipak
Karma Kommando - The Revolver as a Prayer Wheel

Karma Kommando - The Revolver as a Prayer Wheel 3"CD-R

Voluntarily misappropriated karmic concepts for powerless electronics. Like perpetually stumbling in the cycles of cause and consequence with no exit in sight.... (continued)

Format: 3"CD-R, mini-DVD case
Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa
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Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa CD-R

Lo-fi power electronics / noise with heavily processed vocals and screeching feedback. Features two covers of popular Soviet songs from the Second World War.

Format: CD-R, paper sleeve
Barzel - Born to Destroy Amalek
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Barzel - Born to Destroy Amalek CD

Second album from Barzel, fueled as always by the cause of militant Zionism. Whereas the first album felt like a historical overview of the topic (complete with sampled excerpts... (continued)

Format: CD, digisleeve
Herz Jühning - Miasma
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Herz Jühning - Miasma CD

First full-length album from this newcomer to the Galakthorrö family, whose Faces 7" the luckier ones of you may have had a chance to hear. True to the label's tradition, Herz... (continued)

Label: Galakthorrö
Format: CD, digipak with 16-page booklet