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Sigillum S - Studs And Divinity

Sigillum S - Studs And Divinity CD

CD re-release of a 1989 tape on Minus Habens Records that kicks off with a painfully jagged shard of high end directly rammed into your ears, then engulfs it with ritualistic... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
Mind & Flesh - Martyr Generation

Mind & Flesh - Martyr Generation CD

Norwegian death industrial that involves the people behind Babyflesh (whose first release was on Slaughter Productions) and recent revelation Blitzkrieg Baby ("Porcus... (continued)

Label: Force Majeure
Format: CD, digipak
Trepaneringsritualen - Perfection & Permanence

Trepaneringsritualen - Perfection & Permanence CD

Label info: "Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magick and the hidden realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of... (continued)

Label: Cold Spring
Format: CD, 6-panel digipak
Heldentod - The Ghost Machine
on salelast copy

Heldentod - The Ghost Machine CD

Description to be added soon.

Label: Cold Spring
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Drape Excrement / Söldnergeist - Black Rider

Drape Excrement / Söldnergeist - Black Rider CD

Finally some new (or rather unpublished until now) material from Art Konkret residents Drape Excrement and Söldnergeist. This collaboration album seems to put the... (continued)

Label: Steinklang
Format: CD, jewel case
Necromondo - Quarantined Quarters

Necromondo - Quarantined Quarters 3"CD-R

3" supplement to the debut CD release, only available for sale with the first 50 copies. The disease is spreading and quarantine measures are active as of now. Research... (continued)

Format: 3"CD-R, mini-DVD case
Necromondo - Necromondo

Necromondo - Necromondo CD

53 minutes of maggot-infested sounds strongly inspired by Italian horror movies of the late 70's / early 80's. Oscillating synthesizer buzzes, intestinal bass rumbles, grunting,... (continued)

Release date: May 03, 2007
Format: CD, clear jewel case, 525 copies
Schloss Tegal - Black Static Transmissions
last copy

Schloss Tegal - Black Static Transmissions CD

2 long tortured tracks of twitchy dark ambient based on EVP recordings. Sold-out from the label.

Label: Cold Spring
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Dusk of Hope - Flexible Response

Dusk of Hope - Flexible Response CD

Long-delayed CD album from this French ambient noise project whose previous material includes a tape released years ago on Slaughter and some compilation appearances, including... (continued)

Label: Hermetique
Format: CD, DVD case with 4 inserts
Klinikal Skum - Chosen Powerless
Out of stock

Klinikal Skum - Chosen Powerless CD

Active for many years now under a variety of monikers including Neuntöter Der Plage, Xombie, Redrot, Post-Mortem Junkie and Fabrico Incubo, Ryan Oppermann has established... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Body Cargo - Secret Domain
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Body Cargo - Secret Domain Tape

Label info: "Heavily layered power electronics digging deep into the cargo cults of Papua New Guinea."

Label: Obscurex
Format: Tape
Subklinik - Musik For Dekomposition
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Subklinik - Musik For Dekomposition CD

Label info: "Since 1996, Subklinik has continued to create some of the darkest Death Industrial / necro-soundscapes in existence. Enter "Musik For... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case