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Videotrage - Signaltures
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Videotrage - Signaltures Tape

Label info: "Cosmic and minimalist electronic music meets noisy new age sounds on this second release of Finnish duo; Videotrage.

Label: Obscurex
Format: Tape, Pro-printed / dubbed
Body Cargo - Secret Domain
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Body Cargo - Secret Domain Tape

Label info: "Heavily layered power electronics digging deep into the cargo cults of Papua New Guinea."

Label: Obscurex
Format: Tape
Peenemünde - Peenemünde
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Peenemünde - Peenemünde CD

Named after the army research facility where the V-2 rocket was born under the supervision of Wernher Von Braun, Peenemünde is a grimy industrial noise collaboration between Pentti... (continued)

Label: Obscurex
Format: CD, 7"-sized sleeve with 3 postcards