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Lietterschpich - I Cum Blood In The Think Tank
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Lietterschpich - I Cum Blood In The Think Tank CD

Label info: "The eight-piece group of Lietterschpich (Hebrew for liter of cum) has been boiling down foul language, obscene noise, primitive rituals and... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel case
Peenemünde - Peenemünde
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Peenemünde - Peenemünde CD

Named after the army research facility where the V-2 rocket was born under the supervision of Wernher Von Braun, Peenemünde is a grimy industrial noise collaboration between Pentti... (continued)

Label: Obscurex
Format: CD, 7"-sized sleeve with 3 postcards
Knurl - Scyamine
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Knurl - Scyamine CD

Label info: "Since 1994, Alan Bloor (Knurl) has obsessively explored the sound of distorted amplified metal. On Scyamine, he creates a scrapyard inferno of roaring feedback and blown... (continued)

Label: PACrec
Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Hati - Works for Scrap Metal
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Hati - Works for Scrap Metal CD

A collection of 9 minimalistic audio exercises achieved using exclusively the sounds of various pieces of discarded metal junk (barrels, springs, chains, steel plates, etc...). The... (continued)

Label: Eter
Format: CD, thick folded ecopaper sleeve with booklet
Hati - Mantra-I - Prehistory Of HATI: Vol. 1
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Hati - Mantra-I - Prehistory Of HATI: Vol. 1 CD-R

Early 1997 recordings from this Polish project, this time with a ritual touch added to their percussive / junk metal modus operandi. 6 long pieces of hypnotizing lo-fi... (continued)

Label: Eter
Format: CD-R, oversized paper sleeve
Sechres Mound - D2 740m440
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Sechres Mound - D2 740m440 CD-R

Label info: "Sechres Mound was a collaboration between Cédric Peyronnet (Toy Bizarre) and Cyril Herry (Lecanora, Ninth desert, Exotoendo founder member) which began in February... (continued)

Label: Kokeshidisk
Format: CD-R, pro-printed disc and A5 cardboard cover