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XX Committee - Network
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XX Committee - Network CD

CD reissue of the 1983 LP. Cavernous percussive industrial reminiscent of Allerseelen's Cruor / early ritual tapes. Copy #41/250

Format: CD, digipak
Bardoseneticcube - Deadhead
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Bardoseneticcube - Deadhead CD

One of the great aspects of each new Bardoseneticcube album is that you never know what to expect in terms of style. Known mostly for its experimental ambient recordings, the... (continued)

Label: Steinklang
Format: CD, digipak
Job Karma - Tschernobyl
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Job Karma - Tschernobyl CD

This 2007 release from Poland's Job Karma is a concept album based around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and its aftermath. Melancholic synth melodies, minimal rhythmic patterns and... (continued)

Format: CD, multi-paneled digipak with booklet
Citadel - Granite Sky

Citadel - Granite Sky CD

Final release on Triumvirate, featuring the new incarnation of Mitchell Altum's sonic endeavors. Picking up where his main project Law left and moving on to a new domain, Granite Sky... (continued)

Label: Triumvirate
Format: CD, clear jewel case
Sedaye Marg - Frashogard

Sedaye Marg - Frashogard CD

First proper CD release for this new incarnation of Sedaye Marg, courtesy of Coup d'Etat Communications. While a departure from the all-out assault of past releases (which is to a... (continued)

Format: CD, clear jewel-case, 500 copies
Hati - Mantra-I - Prehistory Of HATI: Vol. 1
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Hati - Mantra-I - Prehistory Of HATI: Vol. 1 CD-R

Early 1997 recordings from this Polish project, this time with a ritual touch added to their percussive / junk metal modus operandi. 6 long pieces of hypnotizing lo-fi... (continued)

Label: Eter
Format: CD-R, oversized paper sleeve