Sechres Mound - D2 740m440 CD-R (Kokeshidisk)

Label info: "Sechres Mound was a collaboration between Cédric Peyronnet (Toy Bizarre) and Cyril Herry (Lecanora, Ninth desert, Exotoendo founder member) which began in February 1995 following the discovery of an unused & monumental tanks unit. Each "D2 740m440" piece was improvised and recorded live on site without any external contribution or sound treatments.
The aim was to exploit the sound potential of the place by using materials mainly found on the site and installations built inside one and only tank (no. D2 740m440). Sometimes new materials were brought in (PVC pipes, string, metal bar...) to try out the unique reverberation of this space. After a few weeks, the tank became a true research laboratory, full of various objects (iron and wood pieces, cables and nails). The purpose was to reveal the authentic sound identity of this place."

Format: CD-R, pro-printed disc and A5 cardboard cover
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