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Various Artists - Heilige Feuer IV The Video Documents
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Various Artists - Heilige Feuer IV The Video Documents DVD

Commemorative DVD with professionally shot footage from the Heilige Feuer IV festival, hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia back in 2003. Features 2 tracks... (continued)

Format: DVD, digisleeve
Mental Destruction - The Intensity of Darkness
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Mental Destruction - The Intensity of Darkness CD

Out of print 1991 album by this great Swedish Orthodox industrial duo. Pounding bit-crushed rhythms, mournful organ drones and growled processed vocals.

Format: CD, jewel case
White Hospital - Holocaust

White Hospital - Holocaust CD

Much needed re-issue of the utterly deranged 1984 LP along with some 7" tracks and some unreleased material. Cult Japanese industrial that covers everything from early SPKisms,... (continued)

Label: Steinklang
Format: CD, six-panel digipak
Genres: industrial
Ain Soph - Kshatriya

Ain Soph - Kshatriya CD

CD re-release of the classic 1988 LP. Chthonic industrial that perfectly captures the atmosphere of subterranean rituals held in ancient Roman temples.

Label: SPQR
Format: CD, digipak
Vladimir Hirsch - Scripta Soli
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Vladimir Hirsch - Scripta Soli CD

Monumental new work by this Czech composer known in the post-industrial field for his involvement in Skrol, Aghiatrias and of course his releases under his own name on Ars... (continued)

Label: Old Captain
Format: CD, digipak, limited to 300 copies
Le Syndicat - Propagation
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Le Syndicat - Propagation CD

2010 release from this veteran French industrial noise project active since 1982. Le Syndicat presents here a somewhat glossier and more structured take on their sound, with their... (continued)

Label: BKO media
Format: CD, digipak
Resgestae - État D'Urgence

Resgestae - État D'Urgence CD

Debut 2015 album from this Greek project based in Athens. Drawing inspiration from the social, political and economic consequences of late capitalism, Resgestae delivers a... (continued)

Label: Force Majeure
Format: CD, 4-panel digipak
Erthad - Gma

Erthad - Gma CD-R

Active since the late 90's but without any official releases until now, Erthad's first output on physical format is the sort of obscure discovery from the Russian scene that makes... (continued)

Label: Zhelezobeton
Format: CD-R, pro-printed, color cardboard sleeve
Genres: industrial
Voltage - Lucifer Over Ptz
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Voltage - Lucifer Over Ptz Tape

Label info: "Intense industrial dark-ambient, creating an atmosphere of sadness and endless winter. Journey trough misty and foggy landscapes. Sounds of gears, that works in the... (continued)

Format: Tape
Ond - Self-titled
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Ond - Self-titled CD

Debut release from this American dark ambient duo whose memorable CD-R release on Somnambulant Corpse ("For Influence Blooms Of The Subtle Wing") some of you might remember. On this... (continued)

Label: Inner Gravity
Format: CD, jewel case
Six Dead Bulgarians - Future Bygone
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Six Dead Bulgarians - Future Bygone CD

Label info: "A retrospective of the first era of Post-industrial Legend from the North of Russia - Arkhangelsk. Tracks recoded in 1995-1997 previously available on... (continued)

Label: COD Noizes
Format: CD, 4-panel digipak
Genres: industrial
Autopsia - In Vivo
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Autopsia - In Vivo CD

Compilation of early tracks, alternate versions and unreleased material from Prague's preeminent industrial project. No samplers, synthesizers, or computers, but tape loops, ring... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case