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Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa
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Acid Hexen - Orkiestra Woiskowa CD-R

Lo-fi power electronics / noise with heavily processed vocals and screeching feedback. Features two covers of popular Soviet songs from the Second World War.

Format: CD-R, paper sleeve
Novasak - Ignominy
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Novasak - Ignominy CD-R

Strained and sputtering electronic noise from Colorado, USA. Delivered with a satisfying low-end crunch and some metal clanging thrown in the mix.

Format: CD-R, handmade foil paper sleeve
Genres: harsh noise
Voltage - Lucifer Over Ptz
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Voltage - Lucifer Over Ptz Tape

Label info: "Intense industrial dark-ambient, creating an atmosphere of sadness and endless winter. Journey trough misty and foggy landscapes. Sounds of gears, that works in the... (continued)

Format: Tape
First Human Ferro - Homo Shargey
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First Human Ferro - Homo Shargey CD

In the continuation of the Energia compilation which he curated, Olegh Kolyada (First Human Ferro, Oda Relicta) continues his thematic tributes to these forgotten pioneers of... (continued)

Format: CD, oversized digipak
Various Artists - Stalin And Mao Listen To Us
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Various Artists - Stalin And Mao Listen To Us CD-R

Sino-Russian noise compilation. Russians: Monopolka, Maaaa, Natural Obscenity in Sexual Experiments, Tydish, Melody. Chinese: Torturing Nurse, Hong Qike, Noiser... (continued)

Format: CD-R, folded B&W poster sleeve
Genres: harsh noise