S.E.T.I. - Corona
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S.E.T.I. - Corona CD (Power & Steel)

Fifth album from Andrew Lagowski's deep space exploration project, S.E.T.I. Active since 1982, Lagowski has notably collaborated with Lustmord on one-off projects such as Terror Against Terror and Isolrubin BK, and his own solo work includes material released as Legion and under his own name.

Of all his albums as S.E.T.I., 1995's "Knowledge" has always been a personal top pick, and remains among the best sonic attempts at evoking the vastness of the cosmos even to this day. "Corona" is the rightful follow-up to it, as it reuses and improves on a lot of the same elements: deep cosmic drones, sputtering digital oscillations, NASA recordings, cut-up radio broadcasts and harmonic waves are all forged together into a richly-detailed 52-min journey to the beyond. Ad Astra.

Format: CD, clear jewel case