Death in Rome - V2 CD (SPQR)

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The enigmatic boys in monochromatic shirts are back with a new batch of cover songs, including Bush's Warm Machine, Pet Shop Boys' It's a Sin and of course Ace of Base's The Sign, given a stern and combative re-interpretation worthy of what *Laibach** did with One Vision.

While the whole premise would quickly turn into a tedious novelty act in lesser hands, Death in Rome executes it with such genuine ardor and attention to detail that you become willing to accept the idea that these are indeed "songs we should written" as Firewater once put it.

01. Sinking Sand
02. Style
03. Warm Machine
04. It's a Sin
05. The Sign
06. Every Generation Got It's Own Disease
07. Lambada
08. Lion And The Lamb
09. All Together Now

Format: CD, 6-panel digipak