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Show of Exaggeration - Self-titled
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Show of Exaggeration - Self-titled CD

Label info: "A cosmic ambient passageway through aeons of spacetime. Ebbing tides of sonic conundrum, fading and waning military and ritual rhythms to convey a feeling of... (continued)

Label: Rectrix
Format: CD, cardboard sleeve
Various Artists - Tel Aviv Aftermath
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Various Artists - Tel Aviv Aftermath CD

Highly eclectic compilation from Israel that ranges from the throbbing power electronics (and personal favorite) of New Jerusalem Defense Forces to the manic and... (continued)

Format: CD, jewel case
D.N.D - Slaves Build in Series
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D.N.D - Slaves Build in Series CD-R

From slow mind-numbing noise to full-speed blurred beats, D.N.D's sound is often close to some of the Japanese noise acts such as K2 and Masonna, but with less use of cut-ups.... (continued)

Label: Spatter
Format: CD-R, DVD case
Genres: harsh noise